The 10 best books on writing a scientific paper

How to write a scientific paper - PostdocInUSA

As a postdoc and along all your scientific career, you are expected to share your research work with the scientific community in various forms: scientific papers, oral communications or poster presentations in conferences.

The most important of these forms is certainly to write a paper for peer-reviewed publication, which is a crucial part of the careers of all scientists in order to have their work recognised and possibly progress in their scientific career. Indeed, the number of papers you publish and their importance (as suggested by their impact factor) are often viewed as a reflection of your scientific achievements.

Thus, it is of high importance for early career scientists, and especially postdocs, to become effective writers as early as possible in their scientific career.

How can postdocs write a good scientific paper?

We have a good news for you: you do not have to be a good writer to write a good scientific paper, but you do have to know the standard structure and rules in order to carefully write a paper that fits with the expectations of the reviewers, the journal editors and of course, your future readers.

Thus, we have selected for you 10 books that will teach you how to become more effective in writing high-quality scientific papers!

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