5 Books you MUST Read for Transitioning from a Postdoc to Tenure-Track Position

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Introduction: What does it mean to transition from a postdoc to a tenure-track position and what are the expected skills?

It is important to understand that a postdoctoral position is not the same as a tenure-track position. Postdocs are usually in the lab and don’t have much experience in teaching or other skills that are required of professors. However, with some guidance and training, they can learn these skills and be successful as tenure-track professors. The expected skills for a tenure-track position include leadership, mentorship, and communication skills. The postdoc position is used as a training ground for these skills.

The transition from postdoc to tenure-track can be a difficult one. It is important that you are prepared for this transition and know the steps to take in order to get there.

This article will provide you with 5 books that you should read in order to successfully transition from a postdoc to a tenure-track position. These books will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge for the next step of your academic career.

You will learn how to navigate the academic job market, how to write a successful CV / cover letter / a good research proposal, how to apply for funding, what questions interviewers are looking for, how to create your own lab, and much more.

The following five books are geared towards preparing you for the transition from postdoc to tenure-track position. It will give you an edge over other candidates!

What are some Common Mistakes that Postdocs Make when Pursuing Academic Jobs?

The most common mistake that postdocs make in academia is not having a clear goal on what they want to do. This is a mistake because it makes it hard for them to know what research projects to pursue and which academic jobs to apply for. It also makes it difficult for them to know what skills they need to develop in order to pursue their goal.

Another common mistake that postdocs make is not being proactive enough in their job search efforts. Postdocs should be proactive and take initiative in networking with other academics, attending conferences, and sending out applications as soon as they have them ready.

Postdoc’s should also be careful not to underestimate the importance of having a network. For example, if you have friends in the industry or have a mentor in the field you want to be in, it is good to reach out to them and ask for career advice.

5 Best Practices for Successfully Transitioning into Faculty Positions

The transition from postdoc to faculty member in academia is a difficult process. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 best practices for successfully transitioning into faculty positions. These best practices are based on personal experience and what we have learned from others who have successfully transitioned into faculty positions.

1) Diversify your experience before you transition into faculty positions. It’s not just about being a professor anymore, it’s about being a teacher, researcher, and academic leader. Gain as much experience as possible in these areas both inside and outside of academia. It will make you competitive for the next job opportunity and help you develop the skills necessary to thrive in the position.

2) Do your research before applying: Before you apply for a faculty position, do your research on the university and the department that you are applying for. This will help you decide if it is the right place for you.

3) Build relationships with your potential colleagues: You can build relationships with potential colleagues by attending conferences, workshops or other events where they might be present or by emailing them directly. This will help them know who you are and what you are good at.

4) Gather information about the position such as the role, hours, start date, salary: It is important to know before applying for a position what your expected work schedule will be. Salary can also be found out through the university website or department website.

5) Send a thank-you letter after receiving an offer of employment!


The postdoc phase is the time when scientists are exploring a new field, conducting research, and refining their skills. This is an important period in a scientist’s career.

The transition from postdoc to tenure-track position is not always easy. It requires some preparation and foresight to ensure that you are on track for success. We hope the books presented in this section can help you in your transition from postdoc to tenure-track position!

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