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The best websites for postdoctoral position job offers in USA

The easiest way to find a postdoctoral position in the United States is to look at postdoctoral job offers advertised on job websites. Recruiters post their offers on these platforms and you can apply either by emailing the recruiter directly or through the website application page.

The advantage of advertised postdoctoral positions is that funding are already available and the recruiter is now looking for candidates holding a PhD !

Look at the list bellow to explore some of the best online resources for finding a postdoctoral position in USA !

– NEW –

PostdocInUSA Job Board

We have built a job board gathering only postdoctoral job offers in USA !

323 postdoctoral offers

(as of 06/07/2021)

Save your favorite postdocs jobs

Sort by keywords and location

Nature Jobs

Nature Jobs provides a high number of postdoctoral job offers in USA !

191 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/09/2017)

Set up job alerts

Sort by location

Select Job type “postdoctoral”

Science Careers Jobs

Science Careers Jobs features access to many postdoctoral job offers in USA that you can sort by many criteria !

140 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/09/2017)

Set up job alerts

Sort by discipline

Sort by State !

Select Job type “Postdoc” & “Postdoc fellowship”


HigherEdJobs provides a job listing board specialized for positions at colleges and universities !

Postdoctoral positions can be sorted with keyword only.

464 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/15/2017)
Please note that old job offers have not been removed from database !

Set up job alerts

Sort by state

Cannot select “postdoc” as job type

Indeed Jobs

Indeed is the world’s 1st job site and you will definitely find a huge list of postdoctoral openings in USA !

Please note that old postings are often not removed from the website, so do not waste your time applying for postdoctoral positions that may have already been filled !

3,999 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/15/2017)

Set up job alerts

Sort by location

Select Job type “Postdoctoral” by keyword


PostdocJobs is a career website dedicated to the recruitment of postdoctoral fellows and researchers !

You will find some postdoctoral opportunities in USA !

30 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/29/2017)

Set up job alerts

Select “Postdoc Jobs”

Cannot sort by location

NIH postdoc Jobs

Browse a list of postdoctoral opportunities at the NIH !

74 postdoctoral offers

(as of 04/15/2017)

Sort by location

Cannot set up job alerts

8 replies
  1. Zeba Bux
    Zeba Bux says:

    What is the situation for foreign postdocs now for the US? Will they be accepting them or are they included in the visa ban? Will universities only recruit locally? Should I still apply? This corona pandemic situation has created so much uncertainty

  2. Monika Paul
    Monika Paul says:

    I am doing PhD on mathematics in india and it’s my fourth year. After completing my PhD I want to do post doctorate in abroad. how can I apply for this? what’s the eligibility for this?

  3. Sujatha
    Sujatha says:

    I am doing Ph.D in FINAnce, after completing my ph. D want to postdoc fellowship in Usa, can you tell me what is the best process ,eligibility etc

    KUNAL MISHRA says:

    I had already completed my Ph.D programme in Management from India. I want to do my Post Doctoral Programme in USA. Can anybody please suggest what should I do for puring my Post Doc with fellowship in USA?

  5. Sabri Hasan
    Sabri Hasan says:

    I am a professor of finance and investment, and dean of the College of Administrative Sciences. I wish to obtain a PhD fellowship for a period of one or two years to increase my scientific and professional knowledge.

  6. Sanjay Kaware
    Sanjay Kaware says:

    Hallo..I am working with government officials I am doing PhD in Environmental science in india and it’s my one year. After completing my PhD I want to do post doctorate in USA how can I apply for this? what’s the eligibility for this? Please guide..

  7. Temesgen Sidamo
    Temesgen Sidamo says:

    I have completed my PhD 4 months ago and now I would like to engage in a postdoctoral research to advance my career. I did my PhD on the population Pharmacokinetics and PK/PD analysis of levofloxacin and moxifloxacin in multidrug resistant tuberculosis patients. My PhD journey was tough involved a tough struggle between my ambitious PhD work plan and budget constraint. It has been tough but I kicked it off exceeding the expected goal. My dissertation was rated as Excellent by the examining board. There are areas to work on and improve taking an opportunity of a postdoctoral study.
    Would any one help me find such an opportunity, please?
    Many thanks!
    Temesgen Sidamo (PhD in Pharmacology)


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