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    Data mining is a demarcated with the nontrivial information to extraction of implicit, formerly unknown and hypothetically useful knowledge from a huge volume of actual data to the database. Image mining is a part of data mining with used as a predictive measures to infer the age of the tiger. An analysis of images will reveal useful information to the human users. Image mining deals with the extraction of implicit knowledge, image data relationships or other patterns not explicitly stored in the images. The research work is mainly focused on, to infer the age of the Tiger using data mining techniques. Tiger become a reserved animal. Conservation of tiger has been a challenging task. This work combines the domain of image processing with data mining to infer the age of tiger. FISODATA clustering method requires more predefined parameters, than k-means technique used to find the approximate number of clusters, the maximum number of iterations, the minimum number of points in a cluster and the minimum distance allowed between cluster centers. Cluster centers are the means of the actual clusters points. This research work mainly focuses on RGB color spaces, which is implemented on the real time tiger images. The objective of the research work is to be done on assessing the age of the tiger using the color pixel based image classification and clustering is the main task of the research work and to optimize the image filtering and enhancement methods that are used to remove the noise and to improve the quality of pixels or images and assessing the processing Time, Retrieval Time, Accuracy and Error Rate by generating the better results is real time tiger image database.

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